Sew Over/Under: Round up!

Phew! Another theme month done and dusted!

This one was doubly exciting — with the option to go over OR under (or indeed both, as many of you did).

Below is the round up. We should add the disclaimer that we try to get every picture when we do a full round up like this (#notallroundups) — but sometimes Instagram or life or tiredness gets in the way and we miss something. If that’s the case, ping us in the comments and we will add you in!

ALSO — who knows what is over and what is under? We certainly don’t presume to judge what you want to wear for all to see or keep hidden away. And if swimwear is under, does that make a rash vest over or under? Or both? If lingerie/bedwear is under, what is a dressing gown?

These are all questions I am not prepared to answer — so I just chose a category and let it fall where it fell. Enjoy.

Over (probably)

Under (perhaps)

Both (bet each way)

Thanks to everyone who joined in — as ever, a fabulous collection!

Chloe is a Sewcialists Editor, who lives and sews in Australia. She blogs at and can be found on Instagram here