Ask the Sewcialists: How do you get stuff finished?

So I have a problem. It seems common within our community, yet I haven’t come across a way to overcome it so far. I can’t finish anything in a timely fashion, unless it’s a pattern test or some other immovable deadline.

I am like Dory from Finding Nemo, continually distracted by shiny things and unable to contain all the ideas and things I want to sew inside my brain! I currently have a Jasika blazer, a pair of jeans, a Sinclair Gaia top, a Saldana tee and a bralette thing at various stages of construction.

The only thing that works for me is pattern testing (or something like going on holiday or a special event). Pattern testing includes many of my favourite things — sewing for me, helping someone else, nitpicking… and it looks like letting someone down is a line I don’t want to cross (which is good!). But I do still want to sew the bajillion patterns I have and even finish the ones I already started on!

So tell me, what tricks do you use to power through and get stuff finished? Or are you like me, with loads always on the go, some of it for much longer than intended? Does it bother you or do you just go with the flow of the sew?

Chloe is a Sewcialists Editor, who lives and sews in Australia. She blogs at and can be found on Instagram here