14. Dear Gabby! Call for Submissions

Hi Sewcialists!

Dear Gabby: Do you have questions? I have answers! Well, I hope so and if I don’t, I’m gonna google it for you.

I want to hear from YOU. Do you have a fit problem on a current make? Want some input regarding proportion? Have a measurement or grading question? Digging for some ready-to-wear tips and tricks? Need some advice on sewing etiquette? ๐Ÿ˜‰

If so, you’re in luck! Send me a video or photos detailing your question, and I’ll get back to you here on the blog with tips, fixes, and general input.

How to submit:

Email gabby@starislandxo.com

Send an explanation of your problem with a short video or set of photos, and your contact information. Your submission will be edited into a blog post, so please note that by sending an email, you are granting permission for your video/photos and sewing problem to be shared online. You are helping the community see all-bodied individuals! There is no shame or judgment – the end goal is to help you *make* clothing that feels great and that helps you *feel* the same way while wearing it.

Tell me what you’re working with!

General questions:
Please make sure to explain your question or issue as fully as possible. If needed, I may contact you to further clarify prior to releasing a blog post.

Fit questions:
I need a clear shot of your garment or pattern – front, back, and sides. A 360 view would be ideal! Try to keep the camera steady (have someone else shoot it if possible). Please light it as well as you can and show me the problem. I want to know what you’re making, what size you chose and how you chose it. Tell me what feels weird! Tell me what happens when you sit down, tell me what happens when you raise your arms, tell me what you don’t like or think might be off. Then tell me about your fabric – is this your actual fabric? A muslin/toile? What is the content, and how stretchy or not is it? Cut on grain or on bias? Have you already made any adjustments? If so, can you show me the relevant pattern pieces?

How to get me your info:

You can email me zip files directly, upload videos to YouTube and send me your link, or send me a link to a Google Drive file.

I can’t wait to chat – looking forward to seeing what you’ve got in your sewing queues!

xo gabby

Gabby is a technical fashion designer, fit specialist, and prolific googler. She lives in Denver, raises tiny littles, reads, embroiders, makes, experiments, fails, learns, tries again. See her on Instagram @ladygrift.