Sew Over/Under: Sewing Resources for Bramaking and Binders!

Hi Sewcialists! We’ve noticed that many people are sewing bras and binders for our #SewOverUnder theme month, so we’ve gathered together a quick list of trustworthy resources for you!

A hot pink bra with lace upper cups and solid lower cups.

Online Resources:

Resources for Larger Busts:

Bigger boobs require more scaffolding, and patterns are harder to find.

A close-up of a multicoloured stripey bralette on a dress form.


A binder helps reduce the bust rather than accentuate it. I’m sewing one this month for a relative who has transitioned to male, and I’m so excited to give him something with personality!


To get you in the mood, gently!

Pattern Makers We Trust:

There are countless lingerie pattern makers out there these days, but here are a few that the Sewcialists team has personal experience with. Many of them have extensive blog posts and tutorials to help you through the process. Buying a trustworthy pattern and learning from the instructions is a great way to start.

A close-up of a sheet black bra hanging against a white background

Phew! That’s a lot on information, and we are just scratching the surface of what is available online! Remember, you absolutely don’t have to interpret the “under” part of #SewOverUnder as lingerie, but if you do, we hope this has given you a place to start. Please add your own favourite resources, patterns and designers in the comments!