Who We Are: Call for Contributors!

The Who We Are series is such an important part of the Sewcialists. Diverse voices in the sewing community discussing widely varying topics offers a chance for every one of us to see ourselves and our stories represented online.

And now it’s time for our next call for contributors for the Who We Are series! Take a minute to check out the previous posts in the series if you haven’t already, they cover topics as varied as being left-handed, coping with acquired brain injury and diversity within the sewing community.

Image summarizing our request for Who We are submissions, as described in the text of this post.

This time, we are asking for contributions from the following groups:

  • Sewing for breastfeeding: Are you currently nursing? How does this impact your sewing choices? How are you navigating fit, emotional and physical changes, and juggling your time? Any tips for soon to be sewing parents?
  • Sewing while overseas: Are you living away from your home country? How have you experienced sewing community in a different place? Do you have any tips for newly relocated sewists?
  • Sewing through grief: Have you been bereaved? Did this push you to sew more or withdraw from sewing? How did you lean on the sewing community or the simple act of sewing through your grief?
  • Sewing with asymmetry: Are you sewing while one side of your body looks and feels very different to the other? Examples of this could include those of you who have undergone mastectomy, limb amputation, or have conditions such as scoliosis or having suffered a stroke affecting one side of your body. What barriers have you found to your sewing? How have you overcome any difficulties you may have faced?

If you identify with one or more of these topics, please send us an email to sewcialists@gmail.com with 1-3 paragraphs explaining your experience! If possible, please also send in a picture (it’s nice for people to put a face to a voice) and a 1 sentence bio linking to where people can connect with you online. We will combine your contributions into group posts, like this one featuring LGBTQ+ sewists or this one about mental health!

We can’t wait to hear from you! And let us know what groups you think we should cover next in Who We Are!

Sophy is a Guest Editor for the Sewcialists. She is originally from the United Kingdom but currently lives in Hong Kong. Sophy started sewing three years ago and is looking forward to the moment when her wildly optimistic plans match her finished garments.