#MySewingStartedHere: Round-Up

Every time I show off one of my me-made items of clothing, I always get asked the same question: “How did you get so good at sewing?” The truth is that I’ve had a lot of opportunity for practice over the past few years since I first sat down at a sewing machine. Every time I look at one of my older me-made clothing pieces, I can pick out all the errors I made, but can also see all the different skills that I’ve learned! When it comes to sewing, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

We’ve had a lot of fun looking at how your sewing adventures first started. Thank you for sharing your #MySewingStartedHere stories with us!

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The @sewcialists are asking folks to share their first sew, and I actually have pics of mine that I took when home and forgot to share. I made the dolls when I was 7 and they were the first thing I ever sewed on a sewing machine (I had done quite a bit of hand sewing before). As a kid I would stay with my Por Por for summer holidays she ran a market garden (vege farm for canadians) and so during the day when she was working and I wasn't need to help I was allowed free reign of her scraps and tools both in the house and the workshed. I would get diy books out of the library and experiment (natural dying, metal work, woodwork… my want to make all the things has deep roots 😂). I made these dolls as a gift for my mum, traced the pattern out of a book and followed the instructions. They actually are fully clothed including undershirts and underwear, and even used to have socks and shoes that got lost over the years. I'm actually kinda amazed I made these looking at them now (apparently it took a few days and Por Por swears she didn't do anything more than show me how to setup the machine) but it goes to show the beauty of the full hardy confidence of kids, that you can do anything. Which honestly is why I truely believe you shouldn't be afraid of "hard" projects it's all just a series of steps to be followed, just take your time and don't expect it to look perfect. It's repetition that makes it better, a wonky seam will be wonky no matter the project so you may as well make the thing you really want to make 😊 How about you folks, how did you start? #mysewingstartedhere #sewingisforeveryone Swipe for a video of them that I'll also share in stories as instagram ate my captions

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What fun stories from everyone about their first me-made items! Thank you for participating!