Sewcialists Mini Challenge Inspiration!

For this mini challenge, we’ve dared you to sew something using at least one of the colours of the Sewcialists logo: coral, blue, yellow, black and white! But it can’t be quite that easy… spin the spinner in our announcement post to see what colour you have been assigned!

Sewcialists Mini Challenge graphic: along with the hashtag, the banner says "Match a colour in the Sewcialists logo! Spin our wheel to be randomly assigned blue, coral, yellow, black or white. You have until Sunday July 14th to sew or refashion anything!" The background is composed of brushstrokes in blue, coral, and yellow, like the logo.

For inspiration, I dug through my own past projects!

Gillian wears coral! L-R: a coral and white striped top with a coral-and-white knitted cowl; coral trousers with a white sleeveless top; a coral knitted batwing top; and a black-and-white-and-coral print dress with a ruffle hem.

Coral: Turns out I sew a LOT of coral! For this challenge, you could also use red, pink or a brick colour instead of coral – it all depends what is in your stash! You definitely don’t have to go buy fabric just to take part — unless, of course, you want to!

Gillian wears blue! L-R: a blue print maxi dress; blue leggings with a floral top; a Viking overdress costume in robins-egg blue; and a blue tee and jeans with a multi-coloured knitted cowl.

Blue: The most neutral of colours? This could include everything from denim to navy to the sky-blue that is in our logo! (Check out that Viking overdress I made for our Shieldmaiden theme month back in 2014!)

Gillian's more meagre collection of yellows: L-R: an infinity scarf with gold pom-pom trim; a blouse with navy, black, and acid yellow print on a cream background; a floral top with pink and green and yellow lacy flowers; and a felt flower brooch in purples and yellows.

Yellow: This is the year I start wearing yellow! I always thought it didn’t suit me, but I’ve started wearing it recently and it works! From butter yellow to ochre to lemon, there is a yellow for everyone!

Gillian wears black and white! L-R: an asymmetrical dress with black blocks against a black-and-white-and-multicolour polkadot fabric; a black and white striped tee and black pants; a black and white striped dress; and a black and white jumpsuit with a white cardigan.

Black and/or White: You don’t have to combine them, but apparently I always do! This is a great chance to sew a wardrobe basic, or go all out with a great print or dramatic silhouette,

Gillian in her trademark multicolours! L-R: a dress with mutli-coloured splotchy print on a blue background; a bra (on a dressmaker's form) in white with blue and pink and yellow and black brushstrokes on white background; the Sewcialists logo tee; and a maxi skirt with red and yellow and blue print fabric.

ALL THE COLOURS IN THE LOGO: Why not go all out and find a print or outfit combination that incorporates all the Sewcialists colours?

I hope this inspiration post helps! Your project can be big or small, from a coat to a zippered pouch. You could do some embroidery on a finished garment, or or dig deep into your stash for a hidden gem. These mini challenges are all about building community and having fun, so don’t take it too seriously!

Hope to see your project on instagram soon, with the tag #SewcialistsMiniChallenge!