It can be intimidating when everyone around you already seems to be an expert sewist, and all we see on social media are beautiful finished garments. So I thought today it would be fun to look back at where we all started, using the hashtag #MySewingStartedHere!

Here’s mine! I learned to sew as a kid, but I got away from using patterns in my teens because I thought they were just too expensive. “Why pay for a pattern when I could just freehand pajamas pants with identical crotch seams front and back?” Fit, that’s why, dear 16-year-old Gillian! I have a picture of these somewhere but can’t find them, sadly.

In January 2012, at age 29, I decided to stop just reading blogs and actually give garment sewing a try. I remember getting help from my mom as I taped together the Colette Sorbetto, and feeling so excited! I chose a silk noil from my teenage stash, did exposed bias binding, covered three buttons in Japanese linen, and hacked the pattern by sewing down the front pleat. I only ever wore this twice because it was too boxy and cropped for the fashion at the time, but I still keep it to remember where I started!

In some ways, my sewing has continued as it began: I still ignore instructions and sew bright fabrics! But on the other hand, who the heck starts with silk? I’m glad rookie me didn’t know what the “rules” for beginners were, and I had fun along the way. It seems like I hacked my second project as well. I fell deeply in love with garment sewing and took part in my first Me-Made May just 3 months later!

MMM'12: New Garments!

Where did your garment sewing begin? Please share about your first project down in the comments, or find a picture and tag it #MySewingStartedHere on Instagram!