Farewell to our current editors group!

As you know, we have a rotating group of temporary editors here a Sewcialists. This helps keep us fresh, excited and inclusive of different opinions and perspectives. The editors stay with us for six months, and we can’t believe it’s over already!

Today we say farewell to our second group of temporary editors — and we ask them to tell you how they found being on Team Sewcialist!


I can’t believe how quickly my time as a temporary Sewcialists editor has passed! I’m so delighted to have had a chance to be part of the inner workings behind this force for good. Sewcialists is such an inspiring, welcoming and thoughtful community, with talent and community to spare.

It’s an honor to have been a little piece of making that function, even if for a short time. My favorite parts of working with Sewcialists include being exposed to new-to-me ideas and perspectives through Who We Are and #SewInclusive, discovering sewists and sharing their amazing work on Instagram, and helping to wrangle the frenzy of creation that is the Sewcialists’ theme months and mini-challenges… OK, you got me — maybe my favorite parts of Sewcialists are all of it!

Thank you for having me, Sewcialists! This won’t be the last you’ll hear from me, surely. — Meg of @cookinandcraftin.


My 6 months of being one of the temporary editors are drawing to a close and I’m so honored to have been able to serve the community! I honestly applied on a total whim when Gillian/Sewcialists posted on IG about it. I just assumed there would be a million applicants and I wouldn’t be picked. (Um, I hope they didn’t have a million applicants because that would be SO MUCH WORK!) I have been following Sewcialists for ages (since before IG!) and Gillian as well, so it was a total delight to be selected.

I’ve really enjoyed the process of learning more about how WordPress works and the process of editing articles, getting to write a bit (stretching those muscles feels good!), and getting to interact more with the community over on Instagram. I have also really enjoyed getting to know the whole Sewcialists team better. This team really truly is collaborative and open to suggestions and input. The level of discussion that goes into various topics and how to present ourselves to the sewing world and how to be as inclusive as we possibly can is pretty impressive — our team Slack channels are very active!

The sewing community is a wonderful place and I’m so grateful to have been able to give back to the space that I’ve gained so much from over the years! Overall it’s been a wonderful experience and I encourage you all to apply the next time the editor spots open up! 

— Elisabeth


Chloe here! Ebi is currently on maternity leave and we decided not to disturb her to write us a few words for us when she is busy with a small person. We wanted to celebrate her contribution and especially her take on the mini-challenge power word of Bright that you can see in this post. We would all like to send her much love and best wishes xxx


I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a guest editor for the Sewcialists. I went into this wanting to get more involved with the sewing community and I’m leaving with so much more. I was able to interact with people that had a completely different sewing story and practice. I really enjoyed learning about different approaches to sewing, the overall benefits of crafting, and the stories behind these amazing makers. I have a deeper appreciation for my sewing practice and a new perspective on sewing in general.

Of course this experience was shaped by the awesome team I got to work with. Each person brought a passion and flair that is unique to them. They continue to be incredibly supportive and really just a light in my life. I am walking away from this experience full of joy and admiration for every person that makes up the Sewcialists community.

— Sierra

Sniffle. Might have a little something in our eye right now…

We should really say au revoir (until we meet again) and not goodbye — we expect to see you all soon in mini-challenges, theme months and guest posts!

There isn’t much more to say except that it has been an honour to get to know this group of awesomeness and that we are all the better for it.