8. Gabby’s Fitting Series — I’m going on break!

Hi Sewcialists!

Happy MeMadeMay to those participating, happy almost summer break to those with kids, and a very happy Monday to everyone!

I’m going to be taking a quick blogging hiatus for the month of May, but @ me your fitting questions in the comments 🙂

And, because I don’t want to leave you empty-handed for one of the biggest sewing months of the year, here are some quick tips for quick fits:

  1. When fitting a button down shirt, start your button placement by placing your first button at your apex level; then evenly space the buttons up and down after that. This will alleviate any placket gapping. (I also sometimes sew my plackets closed at the bust at the placket topstitching, and treat the shirt like a popover, if it’s oversized enough).
  2. When setting a tee shirt neckband or rib, place the band seam about 3/4″-1″ behind your shoulder seam, towards the back body. This will ensure that the seam join isn’t visible from the front, and gives you a cleaner visual.
  3. Skirt waist zippers or dress zippers should always extend at least 8″ past the waist, otherwise there won’t be enough opening to pull the garment on.
  4. If you are sewing a knit garment with a closed neckline, make sure the neck opening total circumference can stretch to at least 22″ or you won’t be able to get it on over your head.
  5. If you are making jeggings, make sure the leg opening total circumference doesn’t get any smaller than 10″, or you won’t be able to get it on over your foot.
  6. If you are fitting anything with bra hooks or a belt, I always set the hooks or the belt loops to the center setting, and fit the garment that way. Then, you will always be able to adjust the garment up and down from there after you’ve completed it, whereas if you’ve fit it to the smallest setting, you won’t be able to adjust it if you lose weight, or the elastic begins to give.
A picture of some sewing tools with the message "Happy making".

xo Gabby

Gabby is a technical fashion designer, fit specialist, and prolific googler.  She lives in Denver, raises tiny littles, reads, embroiders, makes, experiments, fails, learns, tries again.  See her on instagram @ladygrift.