What are your tips for clothing during menopause?

Graphic saying, "Clothing during Menopause"

According to our reader statistics, menopause will affect 96% of Sewcialists!

As a 36 year old, I have to admit I know very little about what to expect. I’m hoping that you older and wiser sewists will take pity on us young’uns and share your experiences! I’m also hoping that talking about this stuff out in the open helps people who are experiencing menopause or perimenopause right now! Changes in hormones can happen at any age and for different reasons, both natural or medical — we want to hear from everyone.

For example:

  • Have your preferences for fabric content or type changed?
  • Did you adapt the style of clothes you wear to accommodate hot flashes or other symptoms?
  • Did your hair, skin, or body change in ways that affected the fit adjustments you make or colours you prefer?
  • Did it affect your self-esteem or self-image? If so, did sewing help in any way?

Our premise here at the Sewcialists is that everyone deserves to look and feel great in their clothes, and that all voices should be heard. I feel quite ignorant about this topic, which I think is an indication that it isn’t talked about enough. The more we all know, the better!

Please share your stories and experience in the comments, and also link to anywhere this discussion is already taking place in the sewing community!