Revisit: What’s your TNT?

One of my favourite theme months ever was the TNT month!

I wrote back then about not having a TNT and started my quest to find at least one magical TNT-unicorn. Fast forward a year and a half, and I have several! One of them is the Grainline Linden, which I only tried out because of the amazing popularity of that particular pattern in our TNT month results.

A graph showing a breakdown of the sweaters made in TNT month.  Grainline Linden is the standout as most popular with 67.3% of the votes.

We couldn’t help but wonder whether those results reflected the fact that we were in northern-hemisphere winter (it was November) and how the picture of what we sew regularly might have changed since. It’s time to find out!

Let us know in the comments below:

  • Do you have seasonal TNTs?
  • Are your TNTs still the same as they were back when we ran TNT month?
  • What’s new on the list of TNTs for you?

Chloe is a Sewcialists Editor, who lives and sews in Australia. She blogs at  and can be found on Instagram here