SEWING POWER WORDS! #SewcialistsMiniChallenge Round-up

We totally LOVED running and taking part in this challenge, and from the number of times the hashtag #SewcialistsMiniChallenge popped up on Insta, so did you!

Here’s a round up of most of (hopefully all!) the makes from the challenge, organised by WORD.


  • We tried to get them all, but may not have. Sorry if we missed you! Let us know and we will add you.
  • Sorry for any typos in the IG handles – if you see one, sing out in the comments and will fix.
  • If you didn’t tell us your word, we guessed! And if you named two words, we picked one.
  • We included projects that were posted as “here is where I got to” – so not all finished. If you gave it a red hot go, it’s in here!


This was the most (very) popular word with 43 makes! People tended to interpret this one very literally as you can see…

  • Collage of images representing the word bright
  • Floral bomber jacket
  • Very colourful jacket with butterflies
  • Floral skirt
  • Bright quilt
  • Green t-shirt selfie
  • White tee with stars on it
  • Orange top with floral design in white
  • Unfinished blue top
  • Bright blue and red paisley top
  • Orange floral dress
  • Blue overalls / pinafore style dress
  • Blue jumpsuit with red flowers on it
  • Green top with peach top draped over one shoulder
  • Red culotte jumpsuit
  • Graphic print maxi dress
  • Purple tank top
  • Bright turquoise and orange pattern dress
  • Yellow floral top
  • Blue shorts
  • Zipped white jacket with yellow circle design on it
  • Yellow patterned trousers
  • Purple long sleeved top
  • Cobalt blue jacket
  • Vibrant yellow dress
  • Floral top
  • Pink and white striped top
  • Yellow striped top
  • Yellow and teal dress with swirled border print
  • Rainbow striped top
  • Graphic print dress
  • Turquoise top strap
  • Bright pink dress
  • Orange patterned top
  • Yellow dress
  • Yellow patterned top
  • Blue shorts and tee
  • Pink top with shiny patterned sleeves
  • Black dress bodice with red flowers
  • Patterned jumpsuit
  • Bright green long sleeved top
  • Pink top, green floral skirt
  • Pink and green dress with flower scene on it
  • Dark background red and green floral dress


This one was nowhere near as popular as Bright, with only four makes, though they were excellent and made some of us look forward to winter!

  • Collage of words associated with the word cosy
  • Purple checked coat
  • Grey and white striped top
  • Off the shoulder grey long sleeved jumper / pullover
  • Child wearing minky fleece cowl or turtleneck jumper with printed dogs on


Fierce was one of the words that people associated their makes with for a range of reasons – some animal prints, some fierce feelings.


Free was our second most used power word – and like fierce, was open to different interpretations of the inspiration. A lot of people used free patterns or fabric, while others felt freedom of sewing time or approach, or free in the garment they made.


Funky is as funky does. No idea what that means, but together we definitely brought the funk!


Spicy was another of the more popular categories. This one led to some more literal interpretations (though the Australian writing this was surprised to see how many people associate spicy with the colour green! Is that common in other countries?). Regardless, this one is a gorgeous riot of colour:


Last but not least, STRONG! This word led to the most interpretations that centred on how we feel wearing a garment, rather than more straightforward colour associations:

  • Collage of pictures that relate to the word strong
  • Grey dress with large red flowers on it
  • Floral orange voluminous maxi dress
  • Purple short romper / overalls
  • Yellow dress and jacket
  • Green shirt
  • Bright blue turquoise swing dress with long sleeves
  • Long sleeved top with ruffle at hem
  • Grey long sleeved cardigan
  • Jacket made of recycled coffee bags
  • Printed dress and red waterfall cardigan / jacket
  • Bralette pattern and garment
  • Brown jacket and white t-shirt

So that was our first ever #SewcialistsMiniChallenge on the relaunched Sewcialists. A great idea from the original Sewcialists that Gillian brought back and we are so happy she did 🙂

We hope you enjoyed the #SewcialistsMiniChallenge and finding your Sewing Power Word!