How We’re Interpreting the Mini-Challenge Power Words!

This Mini-Challenge is a new kind of event for us, which really focuses on the joyous process of sewing, and less on the meticulous planning or even the end product!

We hope that you’ll be inspired by the word assigned to you in our quiz, and that you’ll have fun sewcialising online while you sew! This is the perfect opportunity to use Instagram polls, stories and posts to get advice and feedback from the community. Make sure you are following #SewcialistsMiniChallenge on Instagram so you don’t miss a thing.

We thought it might be useful for a few of the editors to try the challenge first, and share how it went. Remember, the rules are that you can finish a WIP, refashion something, or make a whole new project.

Here’s Gillian’s take:

I got the word SPICY, which is perfect for me!

spicy image mood board

I started by searching “spicy” in Pinterest, and noticing the kinds of colours that showed up.

Collage of Gillian's sewing options: a sleeveless version of the Cashmerette Appleton, with green floral fabric, or a Burda sheath dress, matched with blue floral fabric

Then I started thinking about patterns and fabrics in my stash! I settled on either a maxi Cashmerette Appleton dress, like one I’d sewn before, or a sexy Burda Plus sheath dress. I sent pics of my fabric options to the Sewcialists editors, and they helped me pick!

Collage of Gillian's sewing progress. She sewed a Cashmerette Appleton dress in green fabric with large white, rust, and black flower print — with two large white flowers inadvertently displayed across her chest.

Finally, it was time to sew! It wasn’t until I tried it on mid-construction that I realised: I HAD GIANT BOOB FLOWERS! If you hadn’t seen them right away, it’s all you’ll be able to see now! I eked this dress out of 3m of fabric though, so there was no option for pattern placement. Dang. Oh well — the finished dress is bright, fun and SPICY, just like I hoped!

(I am going to participate again during the real Mini-Challenge time frame -—I’m hoping I get a word that will lend itself to a few alterations! I need to take in a dress for my mom, and add a zipper to something I sewed years ago. If time is tight for you, then finishing a WIP or doing a refashion/alteration is a great way to take part!)

Next up, Ebi!

I got the word ‘bright’. At first, my mind went blank — bright? I mean, I’m no stranger to color, but it’s winter in New England. Bright isn’t exactly on the menu.

bright image mood board

But then I remembered a bright WIP — the Dropje Vest by Waffle Patterns! Made from a remnant of crazy-colored quilting cotton supplemented by neon yellow stretch lace, it definitely fit the bill. And it only needed a zipper redo and armhole finishing. As a really busy person, the fact that it only needs a bit of work means I can finish it in a weekend (or at least come close).

Photo of a woman wearing an unfinished Dropje Vest by Waffle Patterns.

And adding to the bright theme, I remembered some jade-colored ribbing in my local fabric store that would be perfect for the hem! Why not embrace my word and redo the ribbing, too?

So my plan this #sewcialistsminichallenge weekend is to unpick the boring blue ribbing and replace it with bright jade, reinsert the bright yellow zipper, and finish the armholes with some even brighter yellow homemade bias binding. Bright! Mini-Challenge! Win!

Last, but not least, Sierra:

I got the word Funky from the random word generator.

funky image mood board

I really wanted to make something that felt like a departure from my recent winter makes. As I continue to explore my style, I find myself drawn to different silhouettes and funky fabrics. I’ve had the Seamwork Tacara in my sewing queue for a while, and I thought it would be perfect for the Mini-Challenge.

I decided to use a tie dye fabric because it adds a bit of funk to a classic cocoon shape. I could wear this with a statement necklace, a neutral cardigan, a bold lip, or some slip on sneakers. The possibilities are endless!! I’m looking forward to throwing this on whenever I want a little extra funk in my outfit.

Sierra in her finished cocoon dress, in a black-and-white tie-dyed fabric

We hope that was helpful! Remember that for the Mini-Challenge you can sew something new, finish a work-in-progress, or do a refashion. Interpret your word however you want, but, most importantly, have FUN and don’t overthink it! Post your progress on Instagram, using the hashtag #SewcialistsMiniChallenge !