Digging into the Mini-Challenge Power Words!

By now, you’ve hopefully taken our word-generator quiz for the Mini-Challenge! You’ve got until Sunday, March 17th, 2019 to either sew something new, complete a WIP, or refashion something inspired by your power word. Tag your progress #SewcialistsMiniChallenge on Instagram to take part!

We chose seven words for you: fierce, cozy, funky, spicy, bright, strong, and free. They are all entirely open to interpretation — no one is going to tell you you got it wrong! And of course, if your first word doesn’t inspire you, you can always take the quiz again.

To get you started, I made mood boards for each word! (Don’t feel confined to my “mood,” though!)

Fierce image mood board
Cosy image mood board
Funky image mood board
Strong image mood board
Bright image mood board
Free image mood board
Spicy image mood board

This is how I interpret the words, but we hope you’ll share you own inspiration pics and moodboards for the Mini Challenge on Instagram! Make sure you are following the tag #SewcialistsMiniChallenge so you can cheer each other on and watch the fun unfold!

Dear Reader: Our goal is to build community and make everyone feel welcome. We support crafting as an inclusive and welcoming space for people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, genders, orientations and sizes. Regarding sewing challenge themes, we ask that you take each challenge as you see it fitting in your life, and express your involvement how you like, at the given time. Our challenges are for the pure enjoyment of participation and the love of community. Extended Mission Page Here.