Sew Menswear For Everyone Round-Up

That’s it! We’re wrapping up our Sew Menswear For Everyone month and you all made some amazing projects! As we like to do at the end of a theme month we’ve gathered all the hashtagged posts from the community into a big, long, glorious post. There are all sorts of menswear and menswear-inspired clothes made by and worn by members of our sewing community and it’s been so much fun to see what you all sewed. I didn’t include the images for our contributors’ blog posts because we had so many already, but please go check them out if you haven’t already! Just search the tag ‘#sewmenswearforeveryone‘. There are some amazing posts out there so enjoy!

Look at that pastel, plaid goodness and matching outwear no-less. Such fun springtime vibes.

Such fun color-blocking on this one! And some lovely pink joggers.

Getting on the dungarees/overalls trend! Love the tied strap look. And this is more proof that clothes are universal.

This print!

Faces in the snow! What a great print and a great shirt!

Some fantastic stripe action happening on these trousers! And paired with the velvet blouse? So fabulous.

Our very own Meg busting out a button up for her husband (this one counts for TNT month, too, clearly!) and a cardigan. Cameo by colorful beer can.

Peacoat! Such nice lines (and beautiful finish) on this one and a surprise color pop in the lining!

Honestly dead. I mean, how much fabulous are these??

A fashion show AND starting a non-binary pattern company!

Love these florals and that DOES look good for any shirt let alone a first!

Hoodies are always a good make and this one looks great!

What a fun take on menswear inspiration! Love this modern twist.

The ever-popular Archer button-up in a fabulous plaid! Love those colors!

More plaid flannel goodness! Love this dress and the plaid directional play (and plaid flannel shirt-dress has been on my list for ages, too…)

Novelty prints for the win! And matching bandana for the pup.

Great color and love the idea of a single copper button!

Love the style lines on this one! And such a great contrast facing on the collar!

Map shorts!! I love it!

Such a lovely color! And I love the relaxed summery feel of this…now I need to go somewhere sunny!

Jogger shorts! These look so comfy. And I love the cat tag.

Can’t go wrong with pajamas! And an on-brand tshirt.

Love a classic sweatshirt and this looks like a good one! I hope you won that contest!

Boxers for everyone! Love that rich color, too.

So many good button-ups! Love all the colors and patterns!

How cute is that heart patch?

A fur-lined jacket! So cozy and these pics make me almost want to have lots of snow…

More kickerbockers! Such a fun look.

This pattern! That is a loud and amazing Hawaiian-style shirt.

Such a lovely classic white button-up!

The ever-dapper Mainley Menswear with a “Phoney-Missoni” sweater (omg anyone else have a song stuck in your head now?? No? Just me?). Love those stripes!

Yay for finished projects! And warm and cozy hoodies! Love the fun lining on this.

These are so good! Warm and cozy outerwear and a flannel shirt. Love the bright yellow, too.

Baby clothes! I mean, who doesn’t love tiny overalls???

Now that is a good Christmas gift! Look at that top-stitching magic.

What a fun print and a beautiful shirt!

Some menswear fancy pants!

OK this is impressive! A whole suit ensemble!

More jeans love! And great pocket detail.

How cute is this?? Matching Valentine’s shirts he made!

One sewist inspiring her husband to also sew! That is a fabulous first shirt!

I love the snaps vs buttons! And the fun contrast on the cuffs/collar stand.

Last but not least, Lia emailed us her project because she isn’t on Instagram. Isn’t her boiler suit awesome? But she doesn’t like it – go read her blog post to find out why it’s not quite right!

There it is! As always we’re so impressed with the amazing projects you all made and posted! This has been such a fun month of exploring all the ways that menswear and menswear-inspiration can be applied to our clothes and the clothes of people for whom we make. Our world is an ever-evolving place and it’s heartening to see how that can be embraced in the sewing world. As we’ve noted before, ‘menswear’ can be a loaded term and we’ve really enjoyed seeing how people interpret that concept and embrace it as their own. Our clothing and therefore our sewing is often intrinsically linked to our identities and our sense of self so it’s always exciting to see how people take on the various themes and express themselves.

If we somehow missed you, please post a link in the comments so we can all see your beautiful makes! And of course you can still use the tag sewmenswearforeveryone even though the month is over.

The Sewcialists is a hyper-inclusive editorial site. We recognize that “Menswear” as we use it in our theme month is a very loaded term, and we use any gendered reference in these discussions to denote the most broadly accepted “traditional” categories only, without wishing to prescribe or proscribe what any person can wear. We recognize all gender identities and the choice to dress how one pleases.

Elisabeth McClure is a Portland, Oregon based sewist who is an Occupational Therapist in her day job/life-calling. She’s passionate about creating a more inclusive, accessible world and is delighted to be a part of the Sewcialists Editorial board for this 6 months! She loves knits and bright colors and is currently trying to update her winter wardrobe to reflect the brightness in her vs the gray of the skies. She’s on Instagram at @emcclureot and may someday get back to blogging but in the meantime you can find her musings in long IG captions and occasionally here on the Sewcialists.