Menswear for Everyone: The Kick-off!

Friday is the first of February, which means it’s Menswear for Everyone month here at Sewcialists! And what does that mean, exactly?

The Menswear for Everyone series logo.

Well, as you’ll remember from our theme month announcement post, when we say “menswear for everyone,” we mean it in the broadest and most inclusive sense. Gillian said it best:

For this theme month, we challenge you to make something inspired by traditional menswear, either for yourself or someone in your life! It could be casual or formal, historical or avant garde, with a feminine or masculine twist. Menswear for men! Menswear for women! Menswear for the gender fluid or non-binary! 

— Gillian

Projects have already started rolling in from our talented community and they are amazingly inspiring! I’m going to share a few here to give you a taste. Some of these projects you’ll learn about in great detail later because we’re lucky enough to have their makers writing blog posts for Menswear for Everyone month!

Don’t forget to check in on #sewmenswearforeveryone on Instagram to keep up to date, too, and to share your menswear or menswear-inspired garments!

Picture of a bearded man wearing a grey wool-lined jacket.

Leslie of @stitchininmykitchen has been sewing up a menswear storm! This faux shearling lined, Carhartt-inspired jacket she made looks both cozy and cool!

Picture of Emilia wearing a suit of black pants and a stone coloured crossover jacket.

Emilia at @shopkintsugi made this killer ’90s Calvin Klein power suit and it is everything. I love what she said about it, too: “We shall all feel empowered and liberated by our clothes, not restrained into a box for the sake of ‘tradition.'” Expect more on this one on the blog soon!

Picture of Emery wearing a white archer shirt.

Emery at @emeryallardsmith looks (rightfully) chuffed with their crisp Archer shirt with super cool contrasting rainbow dot details at the cuff and collars.

Picture of Shannon from A Rare Device wearing knickerbockers and a vest.

As usual, Shannon of @raredevice is sharing jaw-dropping sewing projects with us. I am literally counting the days until she shares more details with us about this knickerbocker and vest combo later in the month!

Note: The Sewcialists is a hyper-inclusive editorial site. We recognize that “Menswear” as we use it in our theme month is a very loaded term, and we use any gendered reference in these discussions to denote the most broadly accepted “traditional” categories only, without wishing to prescribe or proscribe what any person can wear. We recognize all gender identities and the choice to dress how one pleases.

Meg is a Sewcialists Editor living in Vermont, U.S., sewing garments prolifically, collecting too much fabric, blogging at Cookin’ and Craftin’ and ‘gramming at @cookinandcraftin.