Introducing our new Editors!

This summer we introduced our first-ever editorial team, including Gillian, Chloe, Becky and Anya (currently on maternity leave) as permanent members, and Kate and Martha as guest editors for 6 months. Now it’s time for us to say goodbye to Kate and Martha, and welcome our newest recruits, who will be with us from January-June 2019!

Meg, who blogs at Cookin’ and Craftin’, lives in Vermont, U.S. with her husband and cat, but recently moved from Bangkok, Thailand, so she’s still catching up on sewing winter wear! A prolific sewist, in-between-y former editor at the Curvy Sewing Collective, lover of interesting seamlines and hater of ruffles, Meg can also be found at @cookinandcraftin on Instagram.

Sierra is a veterinarian that currently lives in Massachusetts, but was born and raised in Richmond, VA. Sewing has become one of her favorite hobbies and allows her to unleash her creativity. The online sewing community is very special to Sierra, as it’s the reason she started sewing in the first place. She’s excited to be a part of a team that values diversity, authenticity, and openness. You can find her on Instagram @sierraburrell and blogging at Seams Like Sierra.

Ebi blogs (occasionally! hopefully more often in 2019!) at Making the Flame. She’s super excited to be on the Sewcialist team, and to help hammer out all the valuable sewing conversation that happens here. She taught herself to sew clothing back in 2011 and started blogging about body positivity and plus size sewing in 2014. Outside of sewing, Ebi loves learning new things – most recently, cross stitching! You can find her @makingtheflame on Instagram and Twitter.

Elisabeth is very excited to join the Sewcialists team; she’s gotten so much from the online sewing community and it’s great to be able to give back! She sews in Portland, OR and is a huge fan of garment making in all the bright colors and prints of fabric. Elisabeth has been doing some level of sewing since she was a kid but seriously started garment-making with her second hand sewing machine back in 2010. She’s passionate about making the world of sewing (and as a whole) more inclusive and accessible and is very excited to join a team so committed to that goal. She also practices as an Occupational Therapist (hospital for now…) and loves spending time with her partner and her family. Elisabeth is also a fan of most craft things and is always game to try a new making project! She’s on IG as @emcclureot and someday she might resurrect her old blog but for now it’s all IG.

We are so grateful to our new editors for stepping up! And if it’s a roll that you’d like to take on yourself, keep in mind that we’ll be recruiting again in June!