A Great BIG Thank You!

This is a site which is only possible because of a vibrant and generous sewing community. The purpose of the Sewcialists is to build and nurture a place where everyone feels welcome and to share our stories, unique identities and experiences.

We did a rough count and at least half of our posts are directly authored by you!  Another heap of them are authored by our blog team but are interviews, compilation posts or posts on behalf of our wider community. Every time we put a call out for authors in theme months, we get the requested three volunteers within the hour, sometimes within minutes! Short version:  without you, we don’t exist!

Our “best nine” almost doesn’t work visually because we are asking questions of the community rather than always posting pictures, but if you look at it carefully, it’s a lovely mix of some theme month content, some Who We Are posts, and sometimes we asked what you thought.  For us, it’s a great summary of what we do and who we are.

sewcialists-full - BESTNINE

As Gillian mentioned in the Top 5 highlights post, this was the first full year of the Sewcialists since she rebooted it in mid-2017. The community has grown exponentially in that time, and this year has settled us into a rhythm of posting and theme months which we hope you find thoughtful, inclusive, and fun!

We are already excited about 2019 and hope you are too. Please let us know if there’s something you really want to see happen in 2019 and we will add it into the mix.

Nothing left to say but a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for this year – see you in 2019 for more wonderful, diverse, and positive sewing shenanigans!

The Sewcialists are a community group lead by the fearless Gillian Whitcombe. We post three times a week (M, W, F) and all posts are written by volunteers. We accept no payment or sponsored posts. We celebrate our similarities and our differences!