Sewing Dilemmas: Sewing Challenges

It seems like there are more and more sewing / sewing related challenges out there these days. Becky illustrated this perfectly with her list of 2019 sewing challenges!

I get excited about challenges and have a habit of joining them because I find them initially motivating.  It’s the same reason I do a lot of pattern testing – a deadline I have committed to meet for someone else drives me to focus and make the most of sewing time. 

BUT THEN…I lose it after a while.  A whole month of photos doesn’t work well for me with small kids, a busy job and frankly, variable emotional energy.  Ridiculously, even though I am not really letting someone else down (who would even notice or care?), I end up feeling guilty and a bit stupid for signing up in the first place.

I also get really annoyed when people get very picky about meeting all the conditions for what is, frankly, not a high stakes thing.  In one group this year, people were deciding that others shouldn’t be allowed to take part anymore because they bought charity t-shirts.  I mean, seriously….

So am trying to avoid signing up unless I really think I will enjoy the whole challenge, or I can realistically adjust it to my life.  What do you think?  Do you like challenges or avoid them?

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