Stash Sharing: 1 Fabric, 4 Ways — The Sparkly Knit

Welcome to the first in our series: Stash Sharing.

What is Stash Sharing? It’s seeing a single fabric or pattern on 3 or more women with different bodies and styles. So many of us search social media and blogs, hoping to see a variety of bodies and styles in the patterns and fabric we look to buy. We want to see ourselves represented in our pattern and fabric companies, and we also look to be inspired to try something new.

This first post is a fabric comparison. We felt it’s less common to see a specific fabric represented side-by-side(-by-side-by-side) on different women, and it would be a great way to kick-off this idea. #sewingfriendsarethebest, right?

This fabric is a gold-sparkle blue-black polyester knit. It has drape, a lot of right-side-facing-texture, 50% x 100% 4-way stretch, and is opaque.

This is what I call a “secret weapon fabric.” It sews up incredibly fast, doesn’t fray (so use a serger or a stretch-stitch on your machine), will survive anything short of an apocalypse in your washer and dryer, doesn’t wrinkle even when traveling in a backpack… Honestly, Gillian has written extensively on knits, so go forth if you need more info. It is NOT biodegradable in any sense of the imagination, and probably not the best fabric if you want “breathability.” It DOES do wonderful smoothing-out magic things that are usually credited to only expensive slips made of power-mesh, if you know what I’m sayin’, wink, wink.

Now that you have the fabric stats, let’s get to the fluffy fun part. Here’s each person, their individual body stats, and the pattern they made/are wearing.

Height: 5’2″; usually a sewing size 18/20; bust 44″, waist 38″, hips 49”; Pattern: Cashmerette Washington dress, size 18.


Anne is Gillian’s sister and stole her dress — so it’s the same dress as Gillian’s above, but on a different body for comparison.

Height: 5’6″, usually a sewing size 18; bust 45″, waist 40″, hips 47″.

Height: 6″; usually a sewing size 18 – 22; bust 46″, waist 41.5″, hips 45″; Pattern: Grainline Linden, size 18; Adjustments: 2.5″ FBA, 1.5″ sleeve length and “some additional length” (I added the usual 2″, but then took it all back out, though maybe there would still be some because of the FBA)

Height: 5’9″; usually a sewing size 8/10; bust 36″, waist 28″, hips 38″; Pattern: Pipe Dreams Patterns Anya Dress; Size Large (I should have sewn a Medium but I second guessed the negative ease — don’t do as I do!), added length just below bust to extend bust width and drop waist to my waist point, graded between; added 2 inches to bottom, but then did a full 1 inch hem, dropping that addition to something like 1″ for a total of 3 inches added for my height. Note: Pipe Dreams block is based on a D-cup, so skipped my usual FBA.

Do you have three or four friends you want to try this out with? Do it, take photos, and let us know at Sewcialists at gmail dot com so we can feature your #StashSharing. We’d love to see friends try out the same fabric and/or pattern on different bodies, and share the results!

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