Our February Theme Month is Menswear for Everyone!

Menswear. It’s hard to define, especially since pretty much everyone owns jeans and a t-shirt  for casual days and a suit jacket/blazer for special occasions. Like it or not, in western society there is often a level of authority, power, and swagger that comes from masculine garments, and for women, wearing menswear has often been tied with liberation and independence

For this theme month, we challenge you to make something inspired by traditional menswear, either for yourself or someone in your life! It could be casual or formal, historical or avant garde, with a feminine or masculine twist. Menswear for men! Menswear for women! Menswear for the gender fluid or non-binary! 

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • boxers, briefs, or boy-cut undies
  • trusty jeans, trousers, or overalls
  • a classic crew-cut tee or button-up shirt
  • a blazer or bomber jacket
  • a dapper necktie or vest
  • a cosy fisherman’s sweater or “grandpa” cardigan
  • or, use traditional menswear fabrics like pinstripes or shirting!

(Personally, I’m aiming for a pair of cargo pants for my husband, and a bomber jacket or blazer for me. Hold me to it, folks!)

Remember, this is the Sewcialists, so there are basically no rules. This is meant to be fun and inspiring! If your garment is, or reminds you of, traditional menswear, then it counts. We will have inspiration posts all through January, and then invite you to share your own makes in February by tagging them #sewmenswearforeveryone!

We know that some menswear projects are a bit more involved, so we wanted to announce the challenge earlier than usual so you can start planning. This topic was a popular one in our annual poll, so we are excited to see where the discussion leads us! 

We will post a call for contributors this Wednesday, and take the first 3 volunteers on the blog at 7am EST, and the first 3 volunteers on IG at 7pm EST. If you would like to sew something for this theme month and write about it for us, that is your chance to sign up!

Let us know in the comments below: What might you make, or what was the last piece of menswear/menswear-inspired sewing that you did? 

Gillian cofounded the Sewcialists in 2013. She lives in Canada and loves cats, bright colours and sewing! She blogs at www.craftingarainbow.wordpress.com .