The Sewcialists’ Top 5 Highlights of 2018!

Top 5 oF 2018!

2018 has been an exciting year here at the Sewcialists, so let’s dig into some highlights! 

Our first full year since the reboot! 

Sewcialists was first founded in 2013, but I rebooted it in June 2017 with a fresh vision to be a sewing blog for everyone — somewhere that many voices are represented, where we talk about identity and inclusion as well as doing fun sewing challenges together! 2018 has been our first full year, and I’m proud that we’ve posted 3 posts every single week, and hosted Sew Stripes, Sewcialists Love MMMay, Sew Style Hero, and Sustainable Sewing theme months! 

Our Editorial Team

This June, 5 fantastic people stepped up to become Sewcialists Editors! It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to keep everything rolling, and I literally could not do it without the support of permanent editors Chloe, Becky, and  Anya, and temporary editors Martha and Kate! Without them, Sewcialists quite literally would have ground to a halt while I dealt with a concussion this fall! 

Kate and Martha are wrapping up their time with us this month, and we are thrilled to welcome Meg from Cookin’ and Craftin’ and Ebi Poweigha from Making The Flame from January until June.

Updated Website

This August we moved from to! We updated our structure and organisation so that it’s easier for you to find the kind of content you enjoy, whether it is Who We Are, interviews or theme months

A Growing Community

We are nothing without our readers and contributors! When I relaunched back in 2017, it was literally just me… so I could not be more thrilled that so many people support this project! We have an active groups of volunteers in our Facebook group, over 100 guest authors per year, 15 000 followers on IG, and an active discussion section here on the blog. THANK YOU for being Sewcialists! 

(A special shoutout to everyone who comments on both Instagram and the blog with such love, empathy and positivity! We’ve talked about some big topics this year like age, size, ethnicity, ability, mental health, and much more… and while comments sections elsewhere may turn nasty, you never do!) 

A Super-Secret Project coming in 2019! 

I can’t talk about this one yet… but by January we’ll be able to share a very special project that we were invited to participate in! We are so proud of what we’ve built here, and are honoured that our community is being recognised! That’s all I can say for now! 

What were your Sewcialists highlights in 2018? Is there a post or Instagram discussion you remember most, or did you contribute something yourself? As part of the Sewcialists community yourself, what are you most proud of here?

Gillian cofounded the Sewcialists in 2013. She lives in Canada and loves cats, bright colours and sewing! She blogs at .