Sewing Dilemmas: To stash or not to stash?

There seems to be quite a divide on this in the sewing community in recent years. Fabric stashes were the subject of one of the first episodes of the Love To Sew podcast (and Sewcialists was the topic of Episode 11, back when we had just relaunched in 2017)! 

Some people track their stashes online, set goals to buy less, and try to have very little fabric on hand. Others, like me, can never have enough on hand — after all, you never know when you’ll find that great print or bargain price again! 

We’d love to hear from you in the comments! Are you a fabric collector who loves having every type of fabric on hand, or does unused fabric make you feel stressed and guilty? 

Gillian cofounded the Sewcialists in 2013. She lives in Canada and loves cats, bright colours and sewing! She blogs at .