Sustainable sewing month: it’s a wrap!

Sustainable SewingWhat a month over at the Sewcialists for sustainable sewing! We ran this theme month as it had top votes in the survey in terms of areas of interest and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We wanted to say a great big thank you to everyone who wrote a post, commented, used our hashtags, or even read something and decided to think about the topic.

Sustainability is becoming more mainstream and its been great to see the momentum building within the sewing community. With so much chat about what sustainability means to each of us plus the efforts we try to make in our (sewing and non sewing) lives, I hope that over the last month or two you’ve found ideas and tips to incorporate in your own life. Here’s a roundup of the posts we had which showcases some of the ways that the Sewcialists community tries to be sustainable – I’ve divided it into different themes for easy reference.

Scrapbusting to make kid’s stuff
Cindy’s plush toys
Laura’s kids soft book

Other scrapbusting and leftover efforts
The people’s sewing army – sewing for charity*
Shauni’s leftovers sewing challenge
Andie made pillows and blankets for her hygge space
Megan’s zipper pouches

Becky’s dress turned pattern hacked top
Jewelene’s dress turned two piece
Kiera’s amazing ocean trash embellishments*

Sewing patterns and fabric choices
Gem’s use of pattern choices
Almost zero waste patterns with Silvia
Emma’s Wiksten kimono using fabric from a creative reuse outlet
Sarah’s coat from stash fabrics

A sustainable life
Alex’s meaningful wardrobe 
Gillian’s confessions of an unsustainable sewist*

*If I had to choose my favourites it would have to be Kiera’s ocean trash which is just so creative, and also Gillian’s self confessed love of polyester – I think that resonated with a lot of us. Also sewing for charity I think is one of the greatest reasons for me to sew, so I’d really encourage you to look at the People’s Sewing Army if you have some spare time and fabric.

Finally, if you are still interested in sustainability and sewing, I wrote a little list of resources here. Till next time, happy sewing!

Kate is one of the Sewcialists editors. An import to the UK from Australia, she shares her love for sustainable fashion and sewing over at Time to Sew.