Who We Are — Call Out: How Do We Sew?

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying the sustainable sewing month so far! There have been so many great projects showing a lot of creative muscle. But in the interest of keeping the Sewcialists a blog that is for everyone, we’re planning our future content even while we enjoy the current theme month. This post is for all of you who want to write for us!

We have covered a load of themes so far, and our most recent call out was for sewing for petites and body positivity. This time we’d love to hear your ideas on what you find interesting to read. Some themes we have come up with:

How do we sew

Do you work at home? Are you a freelancer? Work 9 to 5 in an office? Kids? No kids? Other hobbies? How do you make time to fit sewing into your lives and manage the juggling? Do you do garment sewing or other crafts? Is it for yourself or are do also make gifts for family and friends?

Sewing is for bodies

You might also have read Anne’s recent post about using an insulin pump and needing to make adjustments to her clothing (and sewing) because of that. If you need to make special adjustments to your clothing for a reason you are comfortable sharing, we’d love to hear from you.

It is really important to us to hear from a lot of different voices. Everyone has their own viewpoint, and sharing stories helps us all to gain perspective and build an inclusive community. There have been some highly emotional stories in the past — see this one from Emma on not being able to be a mother, or Allyson‘s experience of sewing her way to healing, just to name a couple. Other stories are more practical than emotional, but they all help us see the world, and sewing, through other’s eyes.

If you would like to share your perspective on any of the above topics or you have a another one you’d like to write about, please send us 1-3 paragraphs at sewcialists@gmail.com. We’ll either gather your contributions into thematic posts or discuss a stand-alone post with you if you feel passionately about a topic.

Until next time,

Kate is one of the Sewcialists editors. An import to the UK from Australia, she shares her love for sustainable fashion and sewing over at Time to Sew.