Would you like to write for our Sustainable Sewing month?

On Monday we announced our theme for November – Sustainable Sewing!

Today we are looking for three volunteers who would like to make a finished project in line with the Sustainable Sewing theme and write a blog post about it.

Suggested posts include:

  • Refashioning one garment into another
  • Using a sustainable fabric
  • Sewing a no-waste project
  • Making a classic meant to last
  • Visible / creative mending
  • Using only scraps

To volunteer, please comment below with which kind of project you would like to make (or your own idea!).

We always pick first-come, first-served, with a priority on people who haven’t written for us already this year.  We will also be posting on Instagram at 7pm EST for three more volunteers.

To volunteer, comment and tell us which of the topics you would like to write about!