Announcing November’s Theme Month: Sustainable Sewing!

Sustainable Sewing was a clear winner in our vote for upcoming Sewcialists themes, so we are happy to announce that we’ll be exploring the topic this November! 

Sustainable Sewing

There has been a notable sea change in sewing over the past year, with sustainability becoming a bigger concern for many makers. On Instagram, hashtags like #sustainablesewing , #slowsewing, #ethicalsewing and #zerowastesewing explore different aspects of sustainable sewing. (The list goes on: #makeyourstash, #sewingleftovers#ecosewing and I’m sure there are many more!)

What more is there to be added to the conversation? Well, we’re hoping to take a big-picture view at the resources available on sustainable sewing, and host discussions on the plethora of ways to be more sustainable! For some, that might mean buying certified organic fabric… for others, it might mean slow-sewing a classic, timeless wardrobe… and for me personally, it means wearing my polyester knit dresses for years and altering clothes to get the most life out of each piece. There is no right or wrong way to be sustainable, and it’s certainly not a competition!

We hope you’ll join us by sharing your eco-friendly makes, thoughts and process on Instagram with the hashtag #SustainableSewcialists ! We’ll regram as many of your posts as we can to share what is happening in our community. As always, we’ll have a month of inspiration about fabrics, patterns and refashioning in October, leading up to the main theme month in November.

We will also be asking for a few volunteer authors who want to make a finished project and blog about it in November. We’ll take 3 volunteers here on the blog at 7am EST Wednesday, and 3 more volunteers on Instagram @sewcialists on Wednesday at 7pmEST. First come, first serve, with preference to people who haven’t written for us before!

How high a priority is sustainability in your own sewing? Do you have questions or gripes about the topic? Let us know below!