Sewing Dilemma: Should I copy it?

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On to today’s business, everyone — I need your help!

I have a problem, a challenge, an ethical conundrum! I have a sewing dilemma!  (DRAHMAH!) I would really like your advice on how to proceed because I am flip flopping big time…


My dilemma relates to a pattern release I recently stumbled across.  I love this pattern and, having never come across the company before, was very excited to find a new source of patterns that spark something in me.

I rushed to their site, to purchase same and live my best life in a new, uber-chic dress in our coming Sydney summer.

Maria - sound of music

I would be like this, but with a much nicer dress on….

I got to their site and… they don’t go up to my size.  Catastrophe!  Alarm!  Earth-shaking confidence blow! (Not really, am so beyond that…).

I am used to being on the edge of sizing ranges, but in this case, I am nowhere near their size (they go to a EUR46 only).  I would have to “adjust” by between 5 and 10 inches depending on which measurement.  The word adjust is in quotes there, because at that point it feels like I would be basically drafting a whole new pattern.

The pattern is also around $25 AUD (not including shipping) and is in another language.  It’s a language I speak a bit, but I am nowhere near fluency.

What do I do, people? Do I make my own version of their dress, copying the style without buying the pattern? I searched my soul and was interested in the following internal discussion that resulted:

  • PRO: I should just make my own version — if they don’t go up to my size, I can make that happen (yay me)!
  • CON: I don’t like that they produced this design and I won’t be crediting/paying them for it…
  • PRO: But they didn’t include you! This is what sewing is and why it’s awesome — you can make something even when they didn’t make it go to your size. Also, why do you not mind copying RTW but you do mind copying a pattern?
  • CON: It’s not like they are a big four company though. I wouldn’t copy clothes from a smaller clothing designer as readily as I would a big multi-national clothing company.
  • PRO: Sure, but this dress is simple.  Like super super super simple.  It’s basically a v-neck tank dress with two other details.  At what point is there anything new under the sun anyway?

And so on…



I was like this, but again, wearing nicer clothes…


I went on like this for a while, then decided to ask my friends! What would you do?

I have (poorly) sketched the dress below, so you can see how super simple it is.

Blue Dress - my body model. jpg _LI

It’s a pretty simple dress!

I think the options are:

a) I should go ahead and just make my own version — I am totally overthinking this!

b)  Make my own, but call out the inspiration when I blog/IG post the dress to give credit (and maybe apply a little encouragement to expand the size range).

c)  Buy the pattern and use it as help when making my own — then I have paid them for their time and design.

d)  Something else?

Help me out, people. What do you think I should do?  Let me know in the comments, and thanks for your advice!

Chloe is a Sewcialists Editor, who lives and sews in Australia. She blogs at