Sew Style Hero: All Might; My Hero Academia Cosplay

My daughter is really, REALLY into My Hero Academia. It’s growing in popularity, and with a movie release this year, it’s getting pretty dang big. If you haven’t heard of it, be ready for some new characters in your Halloween store this year. Last year, when I made this for her, there wasn’t much choice. Ready-made All Might costumes, or any character, were rare, and had to be imported. So, we set about making a sketch, and I put my drafting skills to the ultimate test.


I took a couple basic knit pattern blocks and we sketched the design directly onto the blocks. I split the knit top block into a separating-front for a zip up jacket, and added a larger waistband for the leggings to make a belt-look.

sketched out all might costume

Then I cut them apart, and made numbered, individual pattern pieces (more specifics here.) This took a few days, but was well worth the work. I took A LOT of photos as I went along so I could remember exactly how everything was going to be re-assembled. We chose separates for ease of bathroom breaks, and she wanted to use the top part for a jacket after the holiday.

patterning all might costume

Did I mention this all took a few days?

assembling All Might.jpg

But…you can’t beat that smile…

All Might Costume.jpg

Yeah…it’s taking the Sew My Hero style pretty literally….

My Hero Academa Costumer.jpg

But this is why we do this…for this kind of ultimate thrill. It doesn’t matter if the thrill is from a 30 minutes skirt, or a week’s long intensive project…

All Might at the park

AAAANNNNNDDDD…..she just went and got her hair done….I think it’s a hint for this year…

Isuku Midoriya

What do you think of the literal Hero inspiration? Maybe you dabble a bit yourself? Maybe you prefer historical garments? Just a black t-shirt on Halloween? Regardless of your costume-participation-level, you have to admit, it’s awesome to see how much fun they have.

Author Bio: Becky is a Sewcialist Editor, a Portland Frocktails organizer, and a person of international interest…or ridiculous delusions of grandeur, you decide