Sew Style Hero: Blake Lively

Hi!  It’s Chloe here with a finished outfit for a special occasion. You can usually find me in warmer climes than NZ in mid-winter – I live, work, parent, and sew in Sydney. In the virtual world I am on IG as chloe_deadlycraft and blog sporadically at deadlycraft.

I totally hesitated on choosing this inspiration, because it feels so “fluffy and insubstantial” to name someone from Hollywood as my Sew Style Hero. PLUS, if I were going to pick someone so celebrity, how could I not be choosing Robyn Wright???!!!

However, here we are. Why are we here? Well, two reasons. The first is that I secretly super love Blake Lively – she seems so funny / nice in real life and she looks like sunshine.

Please don’t tell me if she’s actually really mean – I just don’t want to know.

The second reasons is SEQUINS. If anyone knows how to rock sequins, Blake does.

Exhibit A:

(Sources:  eyeprime, be-mod, marie claire)

She also wears any sort of maxi skirt very well – managing to make them more casual.

Exhibit B:


(Source:  shilpaahuja)

The look above feels very relaxed, despite a voluminous skirt. Love it.

Onto my inspiration garment! I needed an outfit to wear to a wedding in New Zealand in the middle of winter. Google the average temperature in Queenstown in July and you will see that I needed coverage.

I settled on a dark navy matte sequin maxi skirt and a lighter crushed velvet top:

IMG_20180804_154413 - Copy

Feel my sparkly Serena Van Der Woodsen gloriousness!  Also…nice location.

I wanted items I might have a hope of wearing again and knew if I made a maxi dress out of the sequins that it really wouldn’t get worn much.

Hopefully I can pull off the maxi skirt and dress it down with more of a t-shirt / tank top type of thing for normal non-weddingy going out.

The skirt is mostly self-drafted, after an abortive attempt to follow a couple of tutorials.  I wanted a full skirt, after my first attempt at a more column-shape skirt just didn’t look that good.  I basically used as much of the width as I could to create four panels that are sewn together.

The fabric is a matte, stretch, navy blue sequin from Pitt Trading:

DSC01505 (2)

The top is the Seamwork Astoria in a stretch velvet from Tessuti fabrics:


This is my second Seamwork pattern and I have to say, I am impressed.  Both tops I have made so far have been well drafted and easy to sew.   I think I added a little bit too much length to the top, so it’s not hitting the natural waist as well as it could, but it’s still very wearable.

The top is much less inspired by Blake Lively and much more inspired by my desire for long sleeves, but I like it nonetheless!

I am happy to report that I was pretty well warm enough at the spectacular wedding and that a maxi skirt hides a multitude of sins, not least thermal long johns!!!

Here’s one more gratuitous amazing-scenery photo!

IMG_20180804_154342 - Copy

I can see Blake and I enjoying some apres-ski together – can’t you?