Sewcialists Survey: The community has spoken!

Dear all,

My name is Anna (@petersilieundco) and on behalf of the whole Sewcialists blog team, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that has taken part in our Sewcialists survey! This survey will help us develop our platform to reach and represent as many different sewists as possible in the future, and we are thrilled that over 500 of you responded!

Let’s start with the interesting part: the results and some take-away messages!

Who are we?!

sewcialists survey - age

We are spread over the whole age spectrum.

sewcialists survey - country of origin

There is a definite North America emphasis — probably due to the language?


32% of us only sew, but the majority part of the Sewcialists community is a a very creative bunch:

sewcialists survey - hobbies

Appart from crocheting, quilting and knitting, there are so many interesting hobbies represented! Take a look!

Staying in touch:

We were of course very curious how YOU stay in touch with our blog! A large proportion connect directly via the blog. Also, as became clear in the open answer possibility: lots of you love that we also share everything via Instagram. However (unfortunately) the algorithm does not always work in our favour, which means that not all of you will see every post! I personally would recommend (especially if you like to follow more blogs) to use a blog-reader such as Bloglovin or the more “traditional” Feedly. This would be a great way for non-social-media users to keep in touch! (Concerning participation without social media: We are discussing possibilities!)

sewcialists survey - following

It’s nice to see that our blog is our main plattform! Long live the blog(s)!

About the current Sewcialists content!

Easy question: What post format do you like most? Answer: No clear winner.

sewcialists survey - favourite posts

We only have winners!

That inspires a lot of our community members:

sewcialists survey - inspring

Most of us are inspired to create some/most of the time. Inspiration does not mean creating something right at that moment! An inspiration can mean that something gets stuck in our mind for a later day.

But since inclusion is a very big topic for us, it is important to acknowledge, that not everyone is feeling included (yet):

Where to go in the future!?

So what can we change in the future? We got so many amazing responses, especially for our “Who we are” series, but also for theme months. So here are the answers as best condensed as possible, while not trying to miss out on any aspect:


The end (for now)

We are happy to announce that we have added a few new volunteers to our blog team. And if you are still interested in playing a more active role in the community, write us a short email to

And lastly the dominant words in the open question at the end were: love, appreciate, enjoy, keep up (the good work) and really! So let me say: We all love your responses, really appreciate any and all of them, and hope that you enjoy our content in the future as well. Keep up the sewing!