It’s your turn to join #SewStyleHero Month!!!

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August is Sew Style Hero month here on the Sewcialists, and we are hoping you take part!

All you have to do is sew something inspired by another sewist (or celebrity/friend/fictional character/whomever) and tag is #SewStyleHero on Instagram! We’ll be highlighting as many of your makes as we can on our Instagram feed all month.

Why Sew Style Hero? It’s a chance to let the community know that they inspire you, and a chance to stretch yourself out of your fashion comfort zone!

  • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so maybe it’s time to recreate that project your favourite blogger made!
  • Do you love the daring prints, colours or styles of someone in particular? Try sewing yourself something you think they’d wear!
  • Maybe you already have an unrelated project planned! Could it benefit from a bit of flair in technique or finishing inspired by someone who take simple projects and makes them unique?
  • What about refashioning? Between DIY hacks and eco-friendly sow sewing, there are so many inspirations for putting new life into old garments! Use dye, embroidery, stamping, or plain old scissors. It all counts!

So go ahead, make someone’s day – let them know they are your Sew Style Hero! Spread the love, and share your inspirations. And if you can’t chose just one, you could always do what I did last year and make three projects! Tag all your inspired makes this month as #SewStyleHero on Instagram to share them with the Sewcialists community! 

Do you have any projects in mind? Let us know who inspires you this August!