Call for Submissions: Who We Are

Hi everyone, Kate here, one of your Sewcialists Editors!

As you know if you’ve been following us for a while, a big focus of the Sewcialists is on inclusion and community. Our Who We Are series is all about amplifying the voices of sewists from all walks of life, and sharing how identity can impact sewing and participation in the online community.

The full list of topics we’ve covered as part of the #whoweare series is here! Most recently we’ve talked heard from LGBTQ sewists, those with pain / chronic illness, and plus-size sewing.

Who We Are (22)

Today we are putting out a call for submissions for those in the following communities:

  • Men Who Sew: Often sewing can feel like a very female-focused activity, but we don’t believe that this should be the case! If you identify as male and like to sew, would you tell about your experiences online and in real life as a male sewist? We’d love to hear your voice. (Here are some posts we have had previously from male sewists: a blazer, participating in Me Made May, sewing trunks,and this awesome comic-inspired shirt.)
  • Body Positivity: Has sewing has helped to change your view of your own body and helped you be happier and more accepting of your figure? It doesn’t matter if you are thin or curvy, tall or petite, younger or older – there are many of us who have had body positivity issues, and your story could help inspire someone else! (Here are a small selection of related posts we’ve had before: intersectionality, lack of inclusiveness)
  • Petite Sewists: Last fall we heard from sewists over 5’9″ (175cm), and now we’d like to hear from the shorter end of the spectrum! It you are 5’3″ (160cm) or under, we’d love to hear what adjustments do you make and what pattern lines work best for you! Does being short affect your sewing? (You can read about what tall sewists think here, here and here.

If you would like to share your perspective on one or more of these topics, please send 1-3 paragraphs to us at! We’ll gather your contributions into thematic posts. Or, if you feel passionately about any of these topics and want to write a stand-alone post, please email us an outline of what you’d like to say.

In the mean time, we’d love to hear in the comments if one (or all) of these topics resonate with you! Sharing our unique experiences helps us grow stronger as a community, so all voices are welcome. We are always open to suggestions for what communities you’d like to hear from, so please let us know.

You can also join our community by participating in our quarterly sewing theme months – August’s Sew Style Hero month starts this week and you can take part by sewing something inspired by another sewists and tagging it #sewstylehero on Instagram!