Sew Style Hero: Inspired by Colour

My name is Atia from The Bright Blooms. I have been sewing and blogging for quite a long time but recently started taking my handmade wardrobe more seriously. I am constantly inspired by others in the sewing community, and adapt patterns and ideas to suit my style as a Muslim woman. First and foremost, I am inspired by pattern and colour, and then I look for a way to make something my own. It’s not always been possible to find clothes that are appropriate for Muslim women, although the trend for so-called ‘modest fashion’ has changed this. Even so, there is no ‘one size fits all’ version of hijab and the basic principles can be applied to many styles of dress.

I have also had the extra challenge of having to find petite clothing, so sometimes it was easier to stick to the safe and boring things that were available rather than trying to find something new and interesting!  Sewing has really helped me to refine my own sense of style and how to approach fashion without compromising my way of life.


I will often make simple changes such as lengthening a skirt or sleeve, or making something looser by adding more width at the waist or hips. Often I don’t actually need to make any changes as I will choose patterns based on what I think will suit my style.

I take inspiration from  sewists on Instagram and various sources including shops such as Toast and Anthropologie. I love using rich colours and bold prints in my sewing, although I have realised the benefits of  having some plain neutral pieces as well!

Here are some of my favourite style inspirations:

Rachel from House of Pinheiro

Rachel is of course, a well known sewing blogger. Although her style is fairly different from mine, I am inspired by her prolific work and her bold use of colour. I read her blog a couple of years ago and was so impressed by her dedication to sewing despite health setbacks, and her positive and supportive attitude towards others in the sewing community. I also love good photography so it’s good to know that she takes many of her own photographs using a tripod.

I love this pink jumpsuit, the colour and statement sleeves are amazing!




Made by Toya

Toya is an incredibly talented sewist, pattern designer and illustrator. I love her use of screenprinting, which adds a lot of interest and character to her sewing projects. She also makes fantastic costumes for her children, which are really creative and fun!



Anna Roslily

Anna is a creative fashion blogger from Luxembourg and has a bright, colourful style which really appeals to me. Her page is full of inspiring prints and fabrics, all photographed in stunning locations. Her look isn’t for everyone as it is very bold but I am definitely inspired by pieces from her wardrobe. She also has the best accessories!


Jolie Bobines

Julie is probably the sewing blogger that really inspired me to start sewing my own clothes. She has a sophisticated style but chooses beautiful jewel tones such as emerald, bright yellow and rust as well as dark classic shades. Her wardrobe reminds me of designers such as Sandro, Vanessa Bruno, and Paul & Joe, and shows how sewing can create a unique style in an affordable way.


Rosabella Angelica

I love Rosabella’s Youtube channel, and she is just as friendly and sweet in real life as she is on her videos and her blog. She is a teacher and publishes Suzy Magazine in her spare time, as well as doing lots of sewing! I like that she seems to have a lot of fun with sewing and makes it seem approachable. I love this quirky top she made using a bedsheet.

Thanks for reading about my Sew Style Hero inspirations! I also wanted to mention the sewing community on Instagram, which has really helped me to develop my sewing and confidence in my own choices. Having always been a fairly reserved person, I have had to go outside my comfort zone to put posts of myself out into the world, and was a bit worried that I wouldn’t fit in as I was too different. I’m glad to say this wasn’t the case and I have made some great friends who keep me creatively inspired!

Have you decided what to sew for Sew Style Hero Month this August? Who inspires you?