Me-Made May is What You Make It!

Me-Made May!-1

Happy Me-Made May, everyone! We here at the Sewcialists are so excited to celebrate MMMay along with you. It’s such an exciting time of year, with pictures popping up on social media and everyone full of excitement for their pledge!

I’m here to remind you though, that Me-Made May is what you make it. It’s a personal challenge, that takes you out of your comfort zone… but it’s not a competition! You don’t have to have beautiful pictures wearing head-to-toe stylish me-mades. You don’t have to dress up and look glamorous every day, and it’s not “cheating” to take a different approach! Go read over Zoe’s outline for the challenge if you ever need a reminder just how open to interpretation MMMay really is!

Here on the Sewcialists, we’re using April and May to discuss what MMMay means to us, and how it inspires us. We’ll hear from long-time participants and rookies, people who changed their style because of MMMay, and people who found it just wasn’t the right challenge for them. We’re focusing on building a sustainable, wearable wardrobe, through refashions, alterations, and filling wardrobe gaps… while also sewing and wearing what brings us joy!

If you do chose to post pictures on Instagram though, go ahead and tag us if  you want! #MMMay18 is the official hashtag, plus #sewcialistsloveMMMay if you want to tell us how the challenge inspires you! We’ll regram some of our favourite posts that connect to what you you learn, sustainable sewing, and a wearable wardrobe. Don’t forget to follow the #sewcialistsloveMMMay hashtag too if you want to see all the posts!