How to record your MMM experience (Daily pictures not required!)

Hey all,

My name is Anna (@petersilieundco) and this year’s Me-Made May (MMM) is my first! Last year at this time, I had only 5 handmade items in my wardrobe – and I was not really happy with most of them. So now this is my first real opportunity to take part!

But, how do you participate and record your MMM experience? Many people think of MMM as a photo challenge, but actually the goal is to challenge yourself and reflect on your wardrobe – and how you document that is totally up to you! There are a lot of different ways you could record your MMM experience: Daily photos, selfies, flat lays, graphing, journaling/lists, etc.

To give you (and myself) some inspiration, I collected some example from last years #memademay17 and some other ideas.

#1 Photos

Do you have an assistant, who has time every day for a photoshoot? Perfect, I want one as well! Otherwise a camera with a self-timer or remote works as well. Check out Kat’s photos (@katklebenow) as an example. The same background makes them really cohesive, so the focus is on the clothes.

#2 Selfies

The new classic. Whether you use a selfie stick or mirror, this is one way to document you outfit day by day. I especially enjoyed Emma’s outfits (@emmatreleaven), since she included details of her outfits.

#3 The Clothie

Since I am myself really bad with selfies, I was really glad I found some photos I term “clothie”, like a selfie, but only focussing on the items you wear. The great thing about them? You can have the strangest facial expression while trying to get the perfect shot! Sarah (@sewmanylittlethings) has perfected them – check out her IG!

#4 The Video

Clothes are made to be worn. And a moving image is the best way to show of that your garment is actually wearable 😉 … Heather (@heatherhandmade) shows off her final selfmade outfit of last years MMM with this super cute short film.

#5 The Flatlay

You want a different kind of challenge? Try out the flatlay. You need a nice floor, some good light, clothes folding skills and you have to try to take the photo from as faaaar away as possible. Not a lot of fellow sewists used the method, but for example Diane (@theeverydayhandmade) has shown some great examples during lasts MMM.

Or, check out the hashtag flatlayfriday on Instagram.

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Me Made May week four: It was back to basics and neutrals for me this week. I've found it really interesting to document what I've been wearing this month; taking note of what I reach for over and over, and which of my handmades have stood the test of time. It's help me identify the colours, shapes and fabrics I like to wear most, and what gaps I'd like to fill, so hopefully I can use this to make more informed decisions when buying fabric and deciding what to sew. Most of all, it's reminded me how much I love sewing, and to appreciate my handmade wardrobe! 😃 . . . From left: Grainline Driftless Cardigan, True Bias Sutton Blouse, self-drafted boxy linen tee, self-drafted silk tee, Marilla Walker Dungaree Dress, True Bias Hudson Pants, a new Grainline Linden Sweatshirt, Grainline Archer Button Up.

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#6 Drawings

For everyone, who is at least mildly talented with drawing, I totally recommend sketching your outfits. Isn’t this a fabulous example by @lathelize?

As a starting point for your drawings you could use for example Gertie Hirsch’s New Fashion Sketchbook. It would be at least worth a try, right?!

#7 Outfit Collages

With an app like stylebook you can organize your whole closet AND document your outfits day by day. It’s a bit of work to catalog, photograph and organize everything upfront, but afterwards it’s a dream come true – it is on my personal to-do list.

#8 Lists & Journals

Our very own super-organizer Gillian (@gilliancrafts) documented last year’s MMM via Google Form, which is a survey/poll that you can create yourself and answer quickly on your phone/computer each day. It auto-generates a spreadsheet recording your answers, and some graphs showing what you wore! She shares her experience at her blog. Unfortunately excel lists are not very photogenic …

Eleonor (@eleonoreklein) wrote a wonderful blogpost about handwritting a bullet journal (in french). It may not give the super instant results of of a excel list, but with a bit of work every day it would a great way to document your handmade wardrobe.

#9 Photoshop

Tracy (@beingtrixielixie) gave everyone a bit of a challenge with changing movie backgrounds, but her best photoshoped picture is by far her sitting in a fridge!

#10 Partner Look

You want to up your challenge? Include a partner in your me-made outfits. Wendy (@thatwendyward) got her dad in a gifted self-made shirt into the shot.

And lastly I just had to share this cute partner outfit posted by @blue_cockatoo.

I hope you got some ideas on how to participate and document your me-made outfits during this years MMM! Some people love taking daily pictures, but if you don’t, remember that it’s not the only way. The point is to explore your own me-made wardrobe, and learn from the experience.

I am off to boost up my selfmade wardrobe. See you then!
Anna (@petersilieundco)