Striped Jordy Swimsuit

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to be back for the #sewstripes theme with another blog post and this one is all about striped bikini I made recently. Now, some of you may know that I live in Calgary and right now Calgary is cold. It’s layered-merino-sweaters-and-puffy-coat cold. There will be no bikini weather here for a few months at least. But I am going away for a vacation soon and of course I need a new bikini, or two, or five… So that is why I plunged head first into learning how to make bathing suits.

jordy bralette - swim suit - annazoe -6

Jordy Bralette is a brand new pattern from Emerald Erin. That girl knows her bra sewing! Her blog is full of inspiration and tutorials. Her shop is also really well stocked with quality goodies for both bra and swimsuit making. I was lucky to help Erin test the pattern and I just couldn’t wait till she releases it. As soon as I made my first couple bralettes, I knew I had to hack this pattern into bikini swim top.

jordy bralette - swim suit - annazoe -7

I won’t go into specifics of how I hacked the pattern in this post. But I will do a full tutorial on my blog in the next month or so. This one was my second try of hacking this pattern into bathing suit top, and since then I’ve sewn a few more. I came up with a different, and I think better, method of doing it. So even though I photographed the steps of hacking this specific bikini, I want to make another one with my new method and photograph that.

jordy bralette - swim suit - annazoe -9

Ever since writing the blog post about the history of stripes, I wanted to make a striped bikini. I don’t think this is quite a nautical stripe, but I imagine I will still feel very cool in my striped bikini on the beach. I got this bathing suit fabric from Fabric Fairy. They have such an amazing selection of bathing suit fabrics!! And I was happy with every single one I bought from them.

jordy bralette - swim suit - annazoe -1

I used beige swimsuit lining to line this bathing suit. Instead of using foam for cups. I made this bikini with pockets so I can use removable cups if I want to add them. To create a pocket, I cut two sets of lining pieces for each cup, instead of one. And on the inside lining I cut off lower outside corner at an angle to create a pocket to insert the swim cup.

jordy bralette - swim suit - annazoe -8

For the bikini bottom I used the Watson bikini pattern. I just love that pattern. I think I’ve made it so many times that now it fits exactly how I want it to.

I will try to take photos of this bikini on me when I am on vacation, because right now I can’t imagine getting out of my wool socks, sweat pants, and massive hoodie. Also I don’t think I’ve shaved my legs in a couple months. I mean, it is winter and I need every ounce of warmth I can get.

On that note, I’m out to make some more bikinis. Happy sewing everyone, and stay warm!



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