Round-up: Tutorials for Sewing with Stripes

Stripe Matching

There are tons of helpful tips and tutorials out there on stripe matching. The moral of the story can be summed up in a few quick points (take your time, cut flat, match stripes at underarms, lots of pins!), but check out all of the resources below for flashes of stripe matching genius!


Jenny of Cashmerette has an article in Seamwork Magazine that covers everything from stripe matching to intentionally not matching stripes!

Tilly & the Buttons and Sewaholic have each shared their stripe matching tips!


Wendy Ward share tips on matching stripes across side seams, underarms, shoulders and front to back.


Mimi G has some expert tips for stripe matching when using tissue patterns.


Short on time? Indiesew shares quick and easy stripe matching tips for knits.


What if your stripes are also chevrons? Chuleenan of CSews has some tips on sewing chevron stripes for you!

Playing with Stripes

Beyond just stripe matching, there are also some fabulous resources out there for not stripe matching … getting creative with your stripe placement and orientation can actually save you from having to spend time matching yours stripes and results in a visually intriguing garment, too! Check out these ideas:


Threads demonstrates how going against the grain and cutting stripes on the bias or cross grain, can add texture and interest to your garment!


Colette demonstrates several different stripe placement options on their Rue dress, but these ideas could apply to any number of sewing patterns!


Beth Galvin of SunnyGal Studio shares detailed tips for cutting and sewing bias stripes on the Craftsy blog.


Olu of MadeIt Patterns shares her playful stripe style on the Bernina blog.


Off the Cuff has tutorials on creating chevrons with striped fabric for pockets and yokes.

Jennifer of Workroom Social shared a video she made for McCall’s on sewing stripes to create striking fashions.

Can you suggest any other great stripe-sewing resources online? Please leave a comment below – or if you have questions or fears about sewing stripes, share them and we’ll try to help you out!