Tried and True: The Freya Dress

DIY-Black-Lace-Dress (1)

Sewcialists — Hello, hello, hello!

This is Brittany from the blog Sew Very Lovely chiming in on this month’s sewing challenge to share our tried and true patterns. However, before we begin, I just wanted to say that it is such an honor to be a guest and have the opportunity to write on such a wonderful platform for sewists! But enough of my gushing, let’s get down to our sew and share!


This month’s challenge couldn’t have come at a better time as I was already making a list in my planner (yes, I am that person) of all the patterns I love and wanted to recreate.  Among those listed is The Freya Dress by Simpy Sewing Magazine and let me tell you, I could talk up this pattern for hours:

Easy to sew? Yup.
Can be done quickly? Yup.
Versatile? Oh gosh, yes.
Seasonally appropriate? Every. Season.
On trend? Absolutely — and has a vintage made modern vibe!

DIY-Black-Lace-Dress (4)

For these reasons alone, I love The Freya Dress but what really sold me on this pattern is it’s infinite potential. You can easily create a look that’s suitable for every day or elevated for those moments when you want to be the show stopper in the room. This edition of The Freya Dress is caught somewhere in between with hand sewn lace for the bodice and skirt!

DIY-Black-Lace-Dress (2)

In order to achieve this look, I used scrap fabric from a leftover tablecloth, black lace trim, chiffon, and added an agreeing lining/interlining. Initially, I planned for this dress to include beading, but let me tell you, beading is not my strong suit and the thought was quickly abandoned. As is, I am still really happy with the overall look and how easy it is to pair with things already in my closet. Score!

DIY-Black-Lace-Dress (3)DIY-Black-Lace-Dress (5)DIY-Black-Lace-Dress (6)

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see y’all here again soon!