My TNT: EYMM Capsule Skirt

Hi there, Sewcialists! My name is Hannah, and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I’d like to talk to you about my favorite skirt pattern.

When I saw the call go out for tried and true patterns, I realized it was time to share my love of the EYMM Capsule Skirt.  It’s a half-circle skirt, drafted for knits, with a knit waist band. Yes, I know, it’s not that hard to calculate your own circle skirts — but a lot of those calculators don’t handle larger measurements, and I just want to print out my pattern and be done with it.

This is my favorite version that I pull out when I want to look put together. It’s a medium weight linen and moves beautifully!

I realized that you only really need a knit for the waistband of this skirt, and then can use lighter-weight wovens for the skirt, which opened up all sorts of possibilities. Sometimes I wear it with the waistband showing – and sometimes I wear it with the shirt bloused out a bit.  This is a sort of fleece with a print to it, with a gray cotton-spandex waistband:

One of the problems with self-drafted circle skirts is the hemming. It’s a long way around, especially if you need to let it hang, then mark the hem, and then you finally hem it. This pattern includes an extra cutting line if you know you need a bit more length in the back. It’s not a perfect fit, but given how much the skirt moves anyway, it looks more than good enough.

When I want a simple, quick, and flattering skirt, this is the pattern that I pull out. On me, I think it looks better with my shirt tucked in, but I always want to try having it untucked…

The first time that I made this skirt was the first time I made something with pockets. At the time, I was so excited that I would show people — so: pockets!

I’ve made a few different versions of this skirt over the years, as it’s my go-to non-fitted skirt pattern. As long as the waistband is stretchy and has enough recovery, I can see it working with many different fabrics. Certain fabrics may need to be lined — my fleece version has a tendency to get caught on my tights, while the linen one doesn’t.  It’s such an easy pattern, with a lovely result.

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Skirt:  EYMM Capsule Skirt in grey linen and in light fleece
Top: Cashmerette Concord in black cotton spandex