Who We Are: Calling all LGTBQ Sewists!

As Australians wait to find out the results of their plebiscite on same-sex marriage, it seems like a good time to ask: What’s it like to be an LGTBQ sewist? 

Of all the identities we are discussing here, being gay is the only one I can think of that is actually illegal or punishable in many parts of the world, which seems appalling in this day and age. Here in Canada, same-sex activity has only been legal since 1969, and same-sex marriage became legal nationwide in 2005. Transgender rights were added to our Human Rights Act just this summer. Given that context, it seems particularly important to listen to the voices of LGTBQ people to better understand their experiences!

Who We Are (12)

So if you, or someone you sew for, identifies as lesbian, gay, trans, bi, queer, questioning, non-binary, intersex, two-spirited, or any other part of the wider LGTBQ community, we’d love to hear if your sewing connects to that! 

(And if you’d like a primer on what any of those words mean, this one seems good.

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