Happy #SewcialistsTNT Month!

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Welcome to TNT Month!

We’ll be celebrating Tried’N’True (TNT) patterns all through November, with posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

We also hope that you’ll join in by sewing your own TNT patterns and tagging us on Instagram with #SewcialistsTNT before November 30th. We’ll regram some of your awesome projects through the month, and include them all in our blog round-ups at the end of the month. (If you aren’t on IG, don’t worry – you can also email us your photo/blog link!) Please let us know if we happen to miss your pic – it’s can be hard to keep track, especially if you have a private account!

Here are some ideas for joining in:

  • Do a wrap-up of your favourite TNT pattern or patterns! (Here’s some examples of this type of post from my blog or by Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic)
  • Get creative and sew a fun new version of one of your TNTs!
  • Choose a pattern that worked well the first time, and make another to see if it deserves TNT status!
  • Don’t have a TNT yet? Narrow down what type of TNT you want, and what features it should have… then find a pattern and get sewing to see if it works for you!

If you listened to me talk on the Love To Sew podcast , then you’ll know we want everyone to be able to join in with Sewcialists challenges! We keep the rules intentionally vague, so you can interpret the theme however you want.

Have fun, and start sewing!