Becoming a TNT convert

Hello, I’m Melissa from the blog mahlicadesigns. I’m a stay at home parent of a charming and adorable five year old boy, I work part time for an insurance agent, and I sew as much as I can in my free time.  I started my sewing journey as a quilter and transitioned to sewing garments in earnest about 5 years ago, but it’s only been a short while that I have been won over by the idea of a Tried ‘N’ True pattern.

When I was a  new sewist, I found myself in an expanding world of possibilities to start building my wardrobe and I wanted to try them all. Can you identify? The drive to sew through a growing pattern stash, to try new designers, and to push myself to try new skills coupled perfectly with my natural desire for variety in my wardrobe. Having multiples of anything doesn’t appeal to me in the least. I think you could say I have a big collection of one hit wonders.

Chi Town shorts collage label

My conversion (it’s all about the fit).

In my early sewing, fitting a pattern to my shape wasn’t even on my radar, so any pattern that was a dud I just chalked up to the pattern being “off”. Occasionally I did find something that fit well, but I was not wise enough to note what was making the difference.

sewing duds collage

Slowly though, I started to pick up fitting tips from other sewists and worked to integrate them into my sewing. I also started to pay more attention to silhouettes that I liked on my body and began to focus on making those looks.

At the end of 2015, I met the Georgia Top from Blue Dot Patterns. The Georgia was easy for me to adjust and was a styling hit for me with that dolman sleeve and banded bottom. I’d never before been excited to make a pattern again and quickly worked out my ideas to make more versions.

Georgia collage label

The Georgia taught me that once I have a great fitting pattern, I can modify it to achieve my sewing inspirations. I’ve been adding great fitting patterns to my TNT repertoire like the Chi Town Chinos, the Liana Jeans, and the Ally skirt. Thanks to my collection of TNTs, I have the ability to easily add to my wardrobe without the worry of spending my time on a dud.

Ally skirt collage label

Have you been won over by TNTs or are you still working through the one hit wonders?