November 2017 is TNT Month!

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Ta-da! The results from your voting are in, and TNT month was one of the most popular choices!

TNT is short for Tried’N’True patterns – the ones you make over and over that always work out well. TNTs are great when your wardrobe needs multiples of a basic item, like underwear, jeans or tee… but they are also great as a basic block for a dress or top that can be hacked into all kinds of variations! I personally love TNT patterns, and easily 80% of my wardrobe is made up of repeats.

That said, TNTs don’t come easily for everyone. Some sewists love the challenge of a new pattern, or just can’t find the perfect fit they want to replicate over and over. Other people have patterns they love and mean to repeat, but just haven’t done it yet!

With those different perspectives in mind, there are lots of ways to take part in TNT month:

  • Do a wrap-up of your favourite TNT pattern or patterns! (Here’s some examples of this type of post from my blog or by Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic)
  • Get creative and sew a fun new version of one of your TNTs!
  • Choose a pattern that worked well the first time, and make another to see if it deserves TNT status!
  • Don’t have a TNT yet? Narrow down what type of TNT you want, and what features it should have… then find a pattern and get sewing to see if it works for you!

Basically, make the theme work for you! Celebrate TNT patterns in anyway you want.

As always, we’ll do a roundup of everyone who participates, so make sure you tag your pictures #sewcialistsTNT and @sewcialists on Instagram! If you aren’t on IG, you can email us a link to your blog post or send us a photo to include.

TNT Month starts on November 1st, and end November 30th. We’ll have inspiration posts coming at you all through October to get you started.

So, what do think YOU’LL sew for TNT Month??