Call for “Who We Are” Submissions!

Thank you so much for your response so far to our “Who We Are” series, which will continue between theme months! We are so excited to hear from sewists from all walks of life about how identity does (or doesn’t!) affect their sewing and participation in the online community. Seriously, of you haven’t read through the comments on our last two posts, go do that now!

As we’ve mentioned already, we’ll be putting out periodic calls for submissions from people who identify with specific identities. We’ll gather stories from those people, and combine them together into a group post exploring, for example, what it’s like to sew/blog as a plus-size person or non-native English speaker. If you feel really passionate about the topic, you don’t have to wait for us to put out a call – just email us with a proposal for a post of your own! We hope that discussion our unique experiences brings us all closer together, and helps us consider different perspectives.

Who We Are (5)

First up, we are putting out a call for submissions from sewists in the following three categories:

  • sewists over 50: If you learned to sew decades ago, how has the sewing world changed? Do you see the awesome sewists your age represented in the online community? Has sewing helped you break free of ridiculous (and cruel) old adages like “mutton dressed as lamb” to hone in on your ideal personal style? Tell us what it’s like to be 50+ in the online sewing community!
  • taller than 5’9″/175cm:Ā What patterns work best for you, and what adjustments do you need to make? Are you ever envious of short sewists (like me!) being able to squeeze a garment from less fabric? Is being tall normal in your country, or has it made you self-conscious? Does sewing help you dress the way to always wanted to? Please let us know!
  • living with chronic illness/pain/health concerns:Ā If you are a “spoonie“, chances are that is affects when, how much, and what kind of sewing you do, not to mention if you have energy left to participate in the online community! As someone who has lived with chronic pain in the past, I know that the invisibility of pain can be frustrating. Some illnesses are much more visible, and that brings its own challenges. If you are or have lived with chronic pain or illness, we would love to hear your story!

If you identify as one of the above and would like to share your perspective, give us a shout in the comments, via Instagram, or at! We’ll gather your stories into thematic posts.Ā The “categories” aren’t strict, so if you are 45 or 5’8″ and want to contribute, that’s just fine!

We’ve chosen these three identities to explore first because they are quite common. We’re open to suggestions for what communities to call on next, so let us know in the comments if you have suggestions!