Vote on the next Sewcialists theme!


It’s time to vote for our next Sewcialists challenge!

The following theme ideas were developed by the Sewcialists Blog Team group on Facebook. (You can join too if you want to help out behind the scenes!) We brainstormed ideas and voted on a short list – and now you get to have your say, too! We’d like to know which topics interest you most, and that will help us chose which themes to host for November 2017, February 2018, and May 2018.

We had four criteria while picking theme month topics:

  1. EASY TO JOIN. We don’t want time, money, or skill to be a barrier. We try not to pick themes where you will have to buy specific patterns or fabric. (Of course you can use it as an excuse to go shopping if you want!)
  2. GENERAL. Most of our themes aim to appeal to a broad Sewcialist audience and are open to interpretation. Occasionally, we’ll shake things up with a niche theme like costuming or lingerie.
  3. INCLUSIVE. Ideally, a challenge should be open and interesting to people of all genders, religions, sizes, geographic locations, etc. The means picking broad topics, and avoiding topics like “holiday party dresses” that assumes all sewists wear dresses and celebrate specific holidays, or “cosy winter woollens” that ignores the half of the globe with opposite seasons!
  4. FUN. Ultimately the goal of the blog is to engage as many Sewcialists as possible, and showcase diverse voices that represent the breadth of the sewing community. The best way to do that is to make our theme months fun and engaging!

On to the themes! There will be a Google form at the end where you can vote for your THREE favourites.



Sew anything you like using stripes!


Sew something missing from your me-made wardrobe.


Make an eco-friendly project by reducing waste, refashioning, or using locally-made fabric.


Sew fanciful or functional clothes (i.e. a costume or everyday wear) inspired by your favourite fairytales, myths or legends from around the world.


Take a simple pattern and make it shine! You could hack it into something new, perfect the fit, or go all-out with a fabulous fabric.


If you already have Tried’N’True patterns that work for you every time, celebrate them and make your ultimate version. If you don’t have TNT patterns, this is your chance to remake something that was a success the first time!

Copy of february

Sew something inspired by your favourite music! It could be a riff on what you wore when you first fell in love with that music (goth, grunge, pop, etc), an outfit inspired by lyrics or a music video, channeling an artist’s fashion style, or any other musical interpretation!


Sew something that makes you feel marvelous! A party dress, pyjamas, or anything in between, because we all deserve to feel GREAT in our clothes!


Sew Secret Pyjamas – something so comfortable you could sleep in it, but fashionable enough for wearing out of the house!


Remember, you can choose up to three themes – but not more! Votes with more than three themes will be disqualified. Please only vote once. Voting will be open from 7am on Monday, September 11th to 7pm on Friday, September 15th, Eastern Standard Time.