Craftastrophies’ Mae blouse inspired by Heather B

To be honest, most of my makes are already directly inspired by other sewists’ makes. So when I was asked to sew and blog something for the Sewcialist re-launch, I knew it was in my wheelhouse. The only question was, how to narrow it down to one person to be inspired to, or at the very least, one project to make? But then I realised I was actually already planning to make a top directly inspired by Heather B!


Heather regularly inspires my sewing. We have a similar tastes (although I am far less dedicated to the hair game than she is… I can only admire from afar!), and while our bodies are fairly different there are enough similarities that I can usually take tips from any adjustments she’s done.


So here is my Blue Gingerdoll Mae blouse, inspired directly by Heather’s recent bee-dazzled version (sorry I can’t help myself…) and indirectly by her older versions of Mae. I think her first Mae was made about the time I started reading her blog, and her fitting notes for that helped me work out some fit issues I was having with my low bust, so it feels extra appropriate. Heather has also made a dotty version, although I didn’t rediscover that until I’d decided to make it out of this fabric. I guess it was just meant to be!


This blouse isn’t exactly seasonal, since it’s rain and cold all the time here right now. But of course that only makes it more exciting to sew! 😛 Besides, to add another layer, Heather had posted on instagram that she seems to only make tops while she needs skirts, and I commented that I had the opposite problem. Clearly this top was the answer.


My version isn’t perfect, and there’s some changes I’d make next time, especially to the fit of the bust and the way the neckline sits. If you want more details about the size I sewed and the adjustments, pop over to my own blog for the nitty gritty stuff.


Despite the imperfections, I’m really pleased with this make. This pattern has been on my to-sew list for a long time and I’m glad this challenge pushed me to sew it up. With a few tweaks I can see this being a TNT pattern and a good base to hack from! Thanks, Sewcialists, for including me in your challenge month!


Kate blogs at Craftastrophies, and she is @craftastrophies on Instagram too!