There’s still time to sew your Tribute!

Have you been keeping up with the wonderful makes that have been popping up on the Sewcialist blog this month and with the eye candy appearing with the hashtag #tributemonthsewing over on Instagram? In case you’ve missed any of them, here are some quick highlights!

I’m here to ring the ‘over halfway’ bell and remind you to finish up those Tribute makes, and get them posted online before the end of the month deadline if you’d like to appear in our theme roundups at the end of the challenge. Post your make on Instagram using the hashtag #tributemonthsewing. Alternately, if you aren’t on Instagram you can send us an email at with a link/photo if you’d like to be included.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll have been full of ideas of which Sewcialist you wanted to pay tribute to, your mind awash with plans and inspiration, you’ll have picked out your fabric and a pattern, but now it’s nearing the end of the month and the whole sorry pile is still sitting on the side uncut. You are not alone, I promise!

If you’re seriously wondering how this will ever be done in time for the end of the month, then maybe now is a good time to relook at your plans. Why not make a simpler TNT pattern in a fabric that pays homage to your chosen sewer, rather than tackling something completely new? Maybe you could sew an accessory or other smaller item in their style if your current plans feel a little overwhelming. Remember, as well, that sewing challenges are meant to be fun, and that the sky will not fall in if you do not make the deadline date …. you can always post your Tribute makes into September. They’ll still be just as wonderful.

Righty oh then, Sewcialists, I’m off to start my Tribute make. May your needle always be threaded and your makes be just as fabulous as you intend. I’ll see you on the other side! Happy sewing.