A Lemon Tributedress!

Give a Sewcialist some lemons, and she will make a gorgeous lemon dress!

Hello! My name is Sara, a sewist from Norway. Normally you can find me on www.saramadethat.com or instagram @saramadethat. But today I am here, to share with you my finished make for Tribute Month!

I love Instagram, and being there makes me feel like being part of a bigger sewing community. And this spring/summer so many amazing lemon dresses has shown up in my instagram feed. That is why I knew that I had to make a lemon dress for tribute month.

Some of the lemondresses I loved are this two from @sleepless_in_bavria and @rhiannonbrum. They are both woven dresses with a highlighted waist.


To be honest, I am a sewing with knits enthusiast. And I was thinking of making a Moneta dress from Colette patterns, for the same kind of style in a knit fabric. But there was this one dress I could not get out of my head! The Ebony dress from Closet Case Patterns sewn up in a lemon knit fabric by Rachel from Maker style.

As I had this exact pattern, and knew where to get the exact fabric, I decided to copy the dress. Because Β imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I hope. I love how Rachel makes clothes that are quit easy looking silhouettes in fabric with awesome prints! You should also check out her podcast, which is great to listen to while you sew!

So off I went, to make my tribute dress! It sewed up so easy. The fabric is flowy but at the same time sturdy to sew. I sewed up a size 10, with no alterations. I chose the dress version with ΒΎ length sleeves and a scoop neckline.

DSC01411 (2)

I tried to take my photos at a place with a simple one colored background. because that is one of the things I love about Rachel’s blog, that her clothes always pop out!

DSC01425 (2)

I was a little unsure about the whole tent-dress idea, and I have seen so many great lemondresses in a fit-and-flare style that I made a fabric belt to give my Ebony Dress some more options.

DSC01478 (2)

DSC01459 (2)

Thank you to the Sewcialists blog for letting me share my make. Thank you to everyone who inspires me with gorgeous creations all year long. And thank you for giving me a kick in the butt, to finally start this dress I have been wanting to make all spring and summer!